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Linear Bearings & Other Linear Bearing Products

Thomson 在60年前就发明了直线滚珠衬套轴承。 从那时起,我们就被公认为直线轴承技术的领导者。 我们生产各种类型的直线轴承和附件,它们有低摩擦、平滑运行和精度高的特点,能够满足当前高性能直线轴承的最苛刻要求。 而且,直线轴承采用Thomson 60 Case® 轴系,轴系使用寿命提高了50%。

我们的直线轴承产品只是包括从部件到完全定制系统的先进运动技术产品的一部分。 如此,我们能提供最优的运动解决方案,而且它们采用的技术都是一致的。 所有直线轴承产品都非常重视性能:

  • 由于设计时采用了能够实现最大自调心精度的定义半径,Thomson Super Linear Ball Bushing®轴承盘允许进行滑架加工。
  • 我们的 Super Smart 滚珠衬套轴承和轴承支撑块采用专利的自调心技术、双线直线轴承技术,负载能力提高两倍,同时运行寿命提高8倍。
  • 我们的Super 滚珠衬套轴承和轴承支撑块是最初的自调心精密无摩擦直线轴承。
  • 我们的精密直线滚珠衬套轴承满足最高的特殊应用需求:
    1. 精密钢直线轴承减少了高温环境中的结合和震颤。
    2. 成套冲模滚珠衬套直线轴承和标准冲模中的凸模夹持器的安装孔相合,因此减少了停机时间,提高的工作效率。
    3. MultiTrac® 直线轴承采用专利的多轨道坚固设计,最大化地减少了偏差,定位更加精准。
    4. Miniature Instrument直线轴承适用于高精度仪器应用(要求尺寸紧凑)及小型的机械设备(要求高重复性和快速反应能力)。
  • 特殊的直线轴承解决方案如 RoundWay 直线滚珠及 FluoroNyliner 衬套用于以下特殊应用:
    1. RoundWay® 直线轴承是一种低摩擦滚柱,在严重污染的环境中具有高性能。
    2. FluoroNyliner® 衬套直线轴承推荐使用于冲洗、污染及水下环境中。


Super Linear Ball Bushing® Bearing

Thomson Super Linear Ball Bushing® Bearing plates allow carriage machining, thanks to defined radius crowns for maximized self-alignment accuracy. The Super Ball Bushing Bearing has been the industry standard for self-aligning linear bearings for over twenty years. This bearing provides three times the load capacity or 27 times the travel life of conventional linear bearings. Our Super Linear Ball Bushing Bearings and pillow blocks are our original self-aligning precision anti-friction linear bearings.

super ball bushing bearing

Super Smart Linear Ball Bushing® Bearings

Our Super Smart Linear Ball Bushing® Bearings and pillow blocks use patented self-aligning, double-track linear bearing technology – which doubles the load carrying capacity and increases travel life by eight times. To minimize installation time and cost, the Super Smart Ball Bushing bearing can be ordered factory-installed in an industry standard single or twin pillow block.

linear track bearings, self aligning

Our Precision Linear Ball Bushing Bearings meet highly specialized demands:

Precision Steel Linear Bearings

Precision Steel linear bearings eliminate binding and chatter in high-temperature environments. The all-steel design makes the bearing product line perfect for replacing plain bearings in high temperature applications. Rigid construction makes them very durable compared to ball bushing bearings with polymer components. When installed in a standard Thomson Pillow Block, the Precision Steel Ball Bushing bearing can self-align up to 3° in all directions.

Precision Steel Linear Bearings

MultiTrac® Linear Bearings

MultiTrac® linear bearings boast a patented, multiple-track rigid design that minimizes deflection for accurate, precise positioning. The bearing's patented ball control technology eliminates binding and chatter (stick-slip), common with high friction, plain bearings.

multiple bearing tracks, Thomson Multitrac

Miniature Instrument Linear Bearings

Miniature Instrument linear bearings are made for high accuracy instrumentation applications where compact size is required, and for small mechanisms or devices that require high repeatability and responsiveness. When replacing high friction plain bearings, Instrument bearings consistantly low coefficient of friction eliminates stick-slip and provides smooth linear performance. Each Instrument bearing can be provided with a matched 60 Case LinearRace shafting for minimum fit-up, optimizing system performance and accuracy.

high accuracy ball bearings, Thomson's miniature metric bearings

Specialty linear bearing solutions such as RoundWay linear rollers and FluoroNyliner bushings are for specific applications:

RoundWay® Linear Bearings

RoundWay® linear bearings are a low-friction roller that offers high performance in highly contaminated environments. The RoundWay bearing combines the high load capacity of hardened and ground steel recirculating rollers with a rigid malleable iron mounting block providing high load capacity with smooth linear travel.

roller linear bearings

FluoroNyliner® Bushing Linear Bearings

FluoroNyliner® bushing linear bearings are recommended for washdown, contamination or submerged environments. Its large contact surface area gives it excellent performance in high vibration or impact applications, while its simplified design allows it to run in highly contaminated environments.

guide bearing
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