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Linear Slides

What is a linear motion slide?

Screw driven, ball guided positioning linear slides are designed for robust applications that demand high thrust along with high-precision accuracy and stiffness. This configuration of drive and guide is just one of several pre-assembled, ready-to-install linear slides available to mechanical motion engineers. All provide low friction and smooth, accurate motion for a wide range of moment or normal loading configurations. A thoughtful review of the many configuration options will reveal the optimal linear slide system for a specific application.

Market applications for linear slides include factory automation, medical, packaging, machine tool, semiconductor, printing, automotive assembly, aerospace and food processing. From Thomson, a great range of linear slide tables are available from simple, undriven linear guides to custom designed, multi-axis, turnkey linear systems complete with motors, drives, controls and electromechanical accessories.

What makes Thomson's linear slides superior?

Thomson’s huge offering of linear slides was developed into a very useful online sizing and selection tool, our Linear MOTIONEERING system. This offers a new way to optimize your machine design, save time and, ultimately, help you build a better machine, faster. Easy to use and free, it's at

You enter application parameters for linear slides in five simple steps. Your identified needs are filtered through a comprehensive set of calculations such as linear bearing load/life, ballscrew load/life, and ballscrew critical speed. From that, you are presented with a selection of linear slide products tailored precisely to your application requirements.

And it's easy to select linear slide accessories and motor mounts. Outputs include interactive 3D models, pricing, delivery times and ordering information for our Thomson and IDC brand linear units. Included are the following linear slide product families: 2DB, 2HB, 2RB, MF, MG, MS, TF, and TG.

2DB (SuperSlide) Linear Units

Thomson's 2DB (SuperSlide) positioning table is a continuously supported system designed for rigid applications moving medium to heavy duty loads. The table comes from the factory pre-aligned and preassembled for immediate installation with mounting screws through the base. An integrated ball or lead screw assembly with standard NEMA motor mounting is supported in a dual LinearRace® Rail package.

2HB (AccuSlide) Linear Units

Thomson's 2HB (AccuSlide) is a high performance linear slide table based on Thomson's continuously supported, ProfileRail system using square rail technology. The units are designed to absorb extremely high load torques and offer superior performance life in difficult applications.

2RB (SuperSlide) Linear Units

Thomson's 2RB (SuperSlide) positioning slides are continuously and intermittently supported systems with integral screw assemblies in both metric and english standard units. Based on Thomson's Round Rail technology, these units work well in applications where moderate stiffness and rigidity are required.

MF/TF (Movopart/Rapidtrak) Linear Units

Thomson's Movopart® MF (TF Rapidtrak®) rodless actuator slides provide guided linear motion through a ball screw drive and a saddle that rides along the top of the actuator to carry the load. Available in two versions: M (single nut) and MD (double nut), these ball guided units are designed to provide high load capacity with low friction for precise positioning - able to produce high thrust, high precision, stiffness, and long stroke capabilities.

MG/TG (Movopart/Rapidtrak) Linear Units

Thomson's Movopart® MG (Rapidtrak® TG) rodless actuator slides provide guided linear motion through a ball screw drive and a saddle that rides along the top of the actuator to carry the load. These units are designed with low cost in mind, high speed, thrust, and stroke length capabilities. Available in two versions, M (single nut) and MD (double nut), these versions are designed to provide lighter load and speed application performance while still providing precise positioning.

MS (MicroStage) Linear Units

Thomson's MicroStage MS ultra compact linear slide tables are among the most compact, low cost, and lightweight ball guided systems on the market today. The guide's design is based off Thomson's Super Ball Bushing® technology and is ideal for automation in cramped areas.

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