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在几乎所有滚珠与梯形精密丝杠产品上,Thomson 都拥有生产高品质、高强度精密丝杠产品的悠久历史,是毫无争议的行业专家。 早在 60 年前,Thomson 就发明了线性降摩擦技术,从此就一直处在行业顶端,引领着行业的发展。 Thomson 品牌被认公认为是直线运动控制技术的全球领先者。创立了大量梯形精密丝杠和滚珠精密丝杠的技术标准,根据您的任何应用需求来定制产品。


让 Thomson 帮您选择!


Top Quality, Dependable, Economical

Thomson BSA lead screws - easy running, precise and cost-effective positioning function, the optimum solution for your application.  We have a wide range of anti-backlash and standard Supernuts® available.

High Performance, Less Complexity

Part linear bearing, part lead screw, the Glide Screw™ from Thomson combines the best features of these products into an easy to install, one-part solution.

Hybrid Stepper Motor, Precision Lead Screw

Thomson combines a hybrid stepper motor and precision lead screw together in one compact envelope. Patent-pending Taper-Lock technology allows quick decoupling and secure, properly aligned connections with two basic configurations - rotating screw or rotating nut.

Accuracy and Precision

Thomson offers the widest range of ball screw products in the industry – including rolled and ground thread screws in both imperial and metric sizes. Leverage our broad product capabilities and application expertise to find the optimal solution for your linear motion requirements.

High Speed, High Loads, High Reliability

Thomson precision ball splines provide high speed, anti-friction linear motion under high torsional loads. They have high reliability under varying operating conditions and predictable life expectancy.

CAD 模型

  • 配置2D/3D Partstream模型
  • 配置2D/3D Solidcomponents模型
  • 配置2D/3D PartServer模型
  • Static 2D/3D模型下载


注意:请使用IE 11,Edge,火狐或者谷歌浏览器进行维模型预览

1) 点击+选项相应产品并进行配置,配置好的模型会在右侧视图中展现。
2) 点击配置器下方的创建(create)按钮等待模型下载(可能需要几分钟)。
3) 点击下载(download tab)并登陆账号(如果您是首次用户)。
4) 选择格式,等待文件生成(需要几分钟),点击下载(Download)按钮。


Lead Screws (Supernuts) 2D/3D Interactive Models
Lead Screws (Motorized) 2D/3D Interactive Models
Ball Screws (Metric) 2D/3D Interactive Models
Ball Screws (Inch) 2D/3D Interactive Models
Ball Screws (Legacy) 2D/3D Interactive Models
Ball Splines 2D/3D Interactive Models
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