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Planetary Gearheads | Planetary Gearhead Products

行星减速机具有高扭矩体积比、高扭转刚度以及低齿隙特性,近年来,它已经越来越多地为高精度运动控制应用所选择。 然而,伺服电机技术也在不断发展,为此Thomson也相应地对行星减速机进行了改进以适应客户的新要求,例如我们推出的新的高转矩、无声运行的螺旋齿轮减速机。 它将齿轮鼓形与螺旋齿轮的优点结合到了行星结行星构当中。

借助于自身的先进技术、不同的设计以及各种灵活的安装方式,Thomson制造出了多种不同行星减速机产品。 目前Thomson可以提供2,000多种尺寸与比例组合,因此,我们提供的行星减速机产品几乎可以满足所有应用的需求。

  • 直接内联行星减速机 (DuraTRUE, UltraTRUE, EverTRUE, NemaTRUE, UltraTRUE, XTRUE)可以使用多种外壳,如阳极氧化铝外壳一直到不锈钢外壳。 HRC 55-60钢齿轮具有极佳的抗磨损性能,同时增加了间隙完整性。
  • 直角行星减速机 (DuraTRUE, ValueTRUE, NemaTRUE, UltraTRUE)运用了我们的PowerTRUE技术,它采用了独特的齿形设计,使用了直角齿轮组挂接方式。 这样可以得到更高的扭矩密度,并且将直角比例范围增大至5:1,从而将整体减速机比例范围从1:1延伸到500:1。
  • 而使用Redimount电机安装系统,我们可以简单快速地将True Planetary行星减速机连接到几乎所有电机上。 紧定套和外壳等创新设计,使减速机的安装可一步完成。
  • Thomson将性能经过验证的NemaTRUE与ValueTRUE行星减速机与AKM伺服电机相结合,从而形成了一个由单一设备组成的即时安装型集成方案。 AKM齿轮电机专为高转矩应用而设计,它提供的精度与性能可以满足运动控制环境的最严格要求。

AquaTRUE™ True Planetary Gearheads

Thomson's AquaTRUE gearhead design meets the strict requirements of harsh environmental applications; such as, food and beverage handling, and packaging and dispensing. The AquaTRUE's IP66/IP67 and IP69K protection is able to handle caustic cleaning chemicals as well as high pressure washdown. This eliminates the cost of additional components such as enclosers, shielding, or mechanical transmissions. The 304 stainless steel housing eliminates the concern for rust or any type of corrosion. A laser etched permanent product label and a smooth, round external housing that is designed without any external seams or corners for bacteria to collect.

AquaTRUE motor planetary gearheads

XTRUE™ True Planetary Gearheads

The XTRUE Series is a new precision gearhead that complements the Micron® True Planetary™ Gearheads line from Thomson. With improved load capacity, a flexible mounting system, easy drop-in replacement, and compliance with EU Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS), the XTRUE offers robust features in a cost-effective and efficient solution.

XTRUE planetary motor gearheads

ValueTRUE True Planetary Gearheads

ValueTRUE is the low cost, helical crowned True Planetary® gearhead. The internal gear is cut directly into the stainless steel output housing casting to increase torque capacity without increasing the cost. The helical cut of the gears provides higher torque capacity, precision and stiffness when compared to straight cut gears. This technology allows Thomson Micron® to offer a high performance helical planetary gearhead at an economical price.

ValueTRUE True Planetary Gearheads

UltraTRUE True Planetary Gearheads

The UltraTRUE True Planetary® gearhead combines the positive attributes of Helical Crowned gearing with True Planetary orientation to create a smoothest and quietest gearheads on the market today. The internal gear is cut directly into the stainless steel housing to increase torque capacity and avoid slippage. The Helical cut of the gears provides higher torque capacity, precision and stiffness when compared to straight cut gears. Thomson Micron carries the UltraTRUE in many ratios stocked and available for immediate delivery though the Thomson Micron Gearhead Express program.

UltraTRUE planetary motor gearhead series

EverTRUE True Planetary Gearheads

The EverTrue True Planetary®, RediMount compliant gearhead is designed to run in a continuous duty cycle. This continuous duty gearhead is lubricated for life and rated to last a minimum of 30,000 hours in a 24 hour/day, 7 day/week application.

EverTRUE planetary motor gearheads

DuraTRUE True Planetary Gearheads

The DuraTRUE™ is a high precision, True Planetary gearhead that utilizes the Thomson Micron® RediMount system. With a variety of shaft configurations, you can design your system in the smallest of envelopes eliminating the need for coupling. The “T” design allows the ability to run two axes with one motor. The DuraTRUE has many ratios in stock for immediate delivery through the Thomson Micron Gearhead Express program.

DuraTRUE planetary motor gearheads

NemaTRUE True Planetary Gearheads

In addition to the standard NEMA frame sizes, the NemaTRUE is now available in three new metric sizes (60, 90 and 115mm) and has been upgraded with the innovative Micron® RediMount system from Thomson. Thomson Micron now brings you a True Planetary®, RediMount compliant gearhead that is an economical solution for your application. The NemaTRUE has many ratios in stock for immediate delivery through the Thomson Micron Gearhead Express program.

NemaTRUE planetary motor gearheads

AKM Gearmotors

Thomson Micron® offers the largest selection of TRUE Planetary® gearheads in the world. Our gearmotor product line includes both the NemaTRUE and the ValueTRUE gearheads, ranging in frame size from 60 mm to 142 mm and ratios from 3:1 to 25:1. Helical Crowned TRUE Planetary design is industry leading in smoothness, torque and precision.

AKM gearmotor

RediMount Motor Mounting System

The RediMount™ motor mounting system allows an easy, error free and quick connection of Thomson Micron’s TRUE Planetary® gearheads to just about motor available in the market. The innovative design, with adapter sleeve and input housing, features gearhead mounting within one working process.

Redimount gearhead motor mounting system

PowerTRUE™ 90 Technology

Right angle gear meshes are typically limited to ratios from 1:1 to 3:1 when using standard bevel gears. Compared to these designs, the PowerTRUE™ 90 gear increases the ratio range to 5:1. The key to higher torque density is a unique tooth design, created by complex machining made practical with advanced CNC equipment and software. In the design, multiple teeth in the face gear simultaneously mesh with a standard involute pinion. The continuous tooth engagement yields a high contact ratio between the gear and the pinion, boosting torques to new levels and efficiency to 98%. Available on NemaTRUE™ 90°, DuraTRUE™ 90°, UltraTRUE™ 90°, ValueTRUE™ 90°

PowerTRUE gear mesh technology
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