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Warner Linear Actuators

Warner H-Track Electro-Hydraulic Linear Actuators

H-Track actuators incorporate a patented fluid power design, which provides high load capability for extreme duty use, a more compact pin to pin than other actuators of the same load capability, excellent ingress protection and corrosion resistance. The H-Track uses an external gear pump connected to a reservoir and actuator, yielding the most impact resistant Warner actuator. The H-Track pump is burnished, cleaned, flushed and vacuum filled with degassed hydraulic fluid. The system is completely sealed with no hoses to leak. This ensures you receive contaminant free and maintenance-free product for the life of the actuator.



  • 液压驱动可提供高达4,800磅(21,350 N)的推力和每秒4英寸(100 mm)的运行速度。
  • 阳极氧化铝合金外壳耐腐蚀,不惧污垢、灰尘、湿气和大多数腐蚀物。
  • 工作温度范围为-26ºC到+65ºC(-20ºF到+150ºF)。可选用-40ºC到+54ºC(-40ºF到+130ºF)和-18ºC到+80ºC(0ºF到+180ºF)。



  • 标准行程长度为2、4、6、8、10、12、14和16英寸(51、102、152、203、254、305、356和406 mm)。
  • IP69K动态 / IP67静态。
  • 伸缩杆无需扭转约束。



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