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在工厂自动化市场,Thomson直线运动产品的使用非常广泛。 Thomson产品的应用范围从小型的简易机器一直延伸到大型的复杂系统。 简而言之,无论需要使用机器进行推、拉、提升、倾斜或移动作业,您都可以找到适用的Thomson产品。 典型应用包含:

  • 机器人与机械手
  • 冲压、切割与粘接
  • 印刷与扫描
  • 包装、码垛与分发
  • 熔焊、锡焊与钻孔
  • 自动化仓库
  • 测量与监控
  • 组装

VIDEO: Thomson Smart Actuators: Designing Smart Machines with Smart Tools

What is smart actuation and how can your applications benefit from it? Håkan Persson, the Global Product Line Director for Actuators at Thomson, walks you through the makings of a smart electric actuator, its integrated electronics, where it is best applied and three Thomson actuator families offering these solutions.
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